A Bea Aloso Prieto, Criadora de Bosques da Noruega em Madrid, Espanha, elaborou este artigo fantástico sobre o Standard do Bosque da Noruega.

Aqui fica um excerto desse artigo. O artigo completo encontra-se aqui

Standard. Structure and physical.

© Beatriz Alonso Prieto.

How do you define and describe the standard of Norwegian Forest Cat?. For this, in 1990 the Danish club Norsk Skovkattering published in its magazine Huldrekatten, the article written by the FIFe Judge Jette Eva Madsen (owner of DK* Felis Jubatus) entitled “Appearance Norwegian Forest. A Forgotten Trait. ” Written in Danish, has been translated to English by Birgit Hartof, editor of Huldrekatten, into Spanish by Alexis Castro and into French by Marc Peterschmitt and it has been translated into German by Eva Ewald.. We have also followed the standard recently published by Andrea Duerinck (http://verenigingnoorseboskatten.jimdo.com/english//) in 2015 (Thanks Andrea for your kindly help). She has been an independent judge for 25 years, and is currently working on writing the standards of all breeds in Belgium.

In the article were defined very well some of the characteristics of Norwegian Forest cat, which we will detail along with other general standard of the NFO.

Figure 1: Ideal Drawing of a Norwegian Forest Cat, inspired by the original property of Alexis Castro. Described body parts and some of its characteristics regarding coat (fur).